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     |  29.03.2014 00:09

    Our Philosophy

    Alphabet Preschool, Inc. wants each child to be the best they can be. We will never try to make a child live up to an idea of someone else’s making. We want our children to grow into being quality citizens. The first step in this direction is letting a child know they are loved and accepted.

    A child that is nurtured and cared for reflects this in their every day life.A child that is absorbed in the positive components of life has little time for the negatives. This involves team work! It means our Center will work with you, the parents, in projecting a positive influence. Your child will have many experiences of readiness math, science, reading, and language. They will be doing many arts and crafts activities, and many of their learning experiences will be done during Circle Time and Story Time. No matter the art work, it is fantastic! Our children’s smiles beam!

    Please, if you have a special concern, then talk with us. That concern is important. Your children are our investment in the future. We must never lose sight of that fact. Our goal as caregivers is to help your child achieve their own level of excellence. With your help, we can succeed.

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