• Playtime: Bonding and Learning

    Uncategorized  |  17.06.2014 15:40

    Play comes naturally to children, as it is the primary means through which they learn about themselves and the world around them. For adults, however, setting aside the “office persona” to get down on the floor and run cars about the living area may seem alien and nearly impossible. Letting go of your adult persona, however, is the first step toward helping your child see you as an ally and not simply an authority figure. By learning to play with your child, you enter their space and their world as opposed to asking them to operate in your world – a world in which there are many rules and restrictions they have yet to understand.

  • Why Does My Child Cry When I Drop Them Off?

    Uncategorized  |  01.06.2014 17:37

    Nothing is more heart-wrenching than dropping your son or daughter off for the first day of preschool and attempting to leave as they dissolve into tears, convinced you’ll never return.  At that moment, most parents feel like the worst parents in the world, willing to leave the most precious of their possessions with virtual strangers […]